Cryptocurrency Hacks

According to Cryptocoins News,

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD, but designed for the purpose of exchanging digital information through a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography. Cryptography is used to secure the transactions and to control the creation of new coins. The first cryptocurrency to be created was Bitcoin back in 2009. Today there are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies, often referred to as Altcoins.

Put another way, cryptocurrency is electricity converted into lines of code with monetary value. In the simplest of forms, cryptocurrency is digital currency.

Recently, I’ve been into cryptocurrency especially BTC or Bitcoin when my sister introduced it to me last month. She explained to me this and that. At first I feel like it’s just nothing but it took me too long to realize how important cryptocurrency is. She even show me how much 1 BTC to Peso is and I was surprised, just unbelievable in such that large amount of conversion, but how much more if USD? Bitcoins rate always change, either it will go up or low, but most of the time it goes up. Too unbelievable. I did know about Coins.PH but I didn’t know how to get started at first, because I wasn’t into it first so I didn’t get details, but now I’m so interested now how it works. The most wonderful thing you can do in Coins.Ph is almost anything! You can pay the bills online without going to their office, you can even buy load, you can cash in and cash out too! You just don’t have to get in line just to pay.

According to Currencio as of December 17,2017:

  • 1 BITCOIN (BTC)  = PhP  978,697.136174
  • 1 BITCOIN CASH (BCH) = PhP 92,405.492092
  • 1 DASH  = PhP  54,888.504323
  • 1 ELECTRONEUM (ETH) = PhP 35,739.170882
  • 1 LITECOIN (LTC)  = PhP 15,708.534723
  • 1 DOGECOIN =  PhP 0.294829

Talk about bitcoins, I know some site on how to mine and not only that but everything. I’m not sure about other site but this is the most trusted site that I know of. Just CLICK the title so you can be directed at that site. Here are the following:

  1. CoinPot
    CoinPot is a microwallet. And the cryptos are BitcoinCore, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Dash. (BTC Cash and Dash are recently new but good thing! Soon they’ll add more cryptos let’s hope.) Since it is a microwallet, your cryptos will go there directly by claiming your faucet every 5 mins. (but I usually claim every morning when I wake up and every night before I sleep in order for it to get higher in amount).coinpot


A. Bitcoin Core

   There are 3 ways on how to earn Satoshis, namely Moonbit, Bitfun and Bonus Bitcoin. In Moonbitall you have to do is claim every 5 mins. Bitfun offers games if you like to play games and then you can also claim every 5 mins, same  with Bonus BitcoinThe cryptos that I’m going to show you below, the technique that I use is just open it in a browser, sign in, and then you just don’t let disturb it in a few hours so that the amount will go up, meaning you have to claim after a  few hours or at least every 6 hours if you want to or you can claim everytime you wake up and before you sleep.


MOONBIT: You just have to claim every 5 mins, but clicking “Claim now”.



BITFUN: You can play games and you can claim Satoshis too!


BONUS BITCOIN: You also claim it every 5 mins.

B. Moon Doge

Just like Moonbit, all you have to do is claim every 5 mins.


C. Moon Lite

You also just have to click “Claim Now”.


D. Moon Dash

You also have to click Claim Now.



Not only you can claim from your faucet but you can also mine in all cryptos from Coinpot.


For example, I want to mine at Bitcoin Core,all I have to do is click the arrow beside “View bitcoin summary” and click “MINE BITCOIN CORE”. You can also mine in Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Dash.


This is how it’ll look. It’s better to mine using PC or laptop.

2. Ads4BTC

         This one is viewing advertisement. All you have to do is watch an ad. There are 60 second, 20 second, 10 second, and 5 seconds advertisement and every seconds have BTC rewards. But if you’re not into ads. you might skip this part.


3. Free Bitcoin

You only have to claim every hour, but not only that! You can also play Hi and Lo games, it’s like a gambling. If you feel like losing in a gamble, I discourage you to stop playing.


4. BestChange

        You earn a dollar here if a visitor has clicked your link. Disadvantage is that when it clicked your link but did not sign up, so no reward. This is kind of hard to earn money. You may think all you have to do is to promote your link but the user who clicked your link haven’t sign up or clicked anywhere, where in to a point he/she have close the tab.



5. Electroneum

      Electroneum is like Coins.Ph (in BTC). You have at least any amount of ETN in your wallet and then just don’t disturb it in days or weeks or even years and it will increase your ETN.


Oh… and if you’re a good samaritan, you can send me ETN at my wallet address (etnk95oCHCWBqpV5jH2xuWA9tucXa4UJJNo3mKW3aUFj8GMmg11tWewR4f7aeg6ZFNaPeqvSPxg9oYS68ZcRYun51USFdp2xeK)

6. Emining

         This is the one that I’m trying since last month. I haven’t triend withdrawing from this yet because I haven’t reached 0.1 LTC yet. But some people said this is legit too so why not try. It’s harmless tho. All you have to do is click the arrow in any cryptos you want.


7. 2Captcha

Captchas maybe annoyed you whenever you log in some account and then it just shows up asking you to answer what’s in the picture. Annoying right? But did you know that you can earn a dollar by solving captchas? But if you’re still annoyed by solving captchas, you might have to skip this part too.



I just found out this advertised by someone so I’m still trying this. This site has viewing ads, banners, and there are even contact numbers displayed in the site. They will pay you if you clicked an ad, just like Ads4Btc. And you can advertise you site too. There are 3 ways to upgrade you account. For FREE account, it allows you to advertise your product, business, services or website for free! As for STARTERS, it has some features and they are best for small type businesses, but you have to pay PhP900.00 to upgrade to this. For PREMIUM, which you have to pay PhP1,500.00, are best for big type businesses.



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